'New Girl' Season 4 Would Look Very Different If Max Greenfield Was Put In Charge — VIDEO

Currently, millions of Americans are being affected by a mental health epidemic. It's called Seasonal Television Disorder, and it occurs every year during the summer television drought. Symptoms are listlessly lying in bed looking through Tumblr gifs, endlessly scrolling through Netflix, and yelling at friends because they're not as funny as the ones on television. But fear not, because Max Greenfield is here to remind us of a television show we all know and love: New Girl.

The show won't be back for a while and he's pretty tight-lipped about Season 4, but the actor reminds us why people love his character Schmidt so much, because Greenfield is just as hilarious in his interview with the L.A. Times. Sure, the douchebag jar will remain empty when talking to Greenfield, but here's some reasons why the actor is just as delightful as his fictional counterpart:

He's a Huge Frasier Nerd

Greenfield talks about a recent guest appearance on Hot in Cleveland, and although he was excited to see America's sweetheart, Betty White, he was more excited to see John Mahoney, formerly Martin Crane on Frasier. Greenfield says he obsessively talked Frasier with Mahoney:

Let's break it down, season by season and...you know, how the show changed, and how your character changed, and just... let's really, let's really, let's really break it down. And like, what your relationship was to David Hyde-Pierce, and Kelsey, and how you played in the middle a little bit...

So, while Greenfield may not watch Scandal with you, he'll be down to talk about Frasier with your dad for hours.

He Threw a Saturday Night Live-themed Bar Mitzvah

That's right, Greenfield was so obsessed with Saturday Night Live that he made the show the theme of his entire bar mitzvah. What does a Saturday Night Live bar mitzvah look like, you ask? "Well, look, there's, uh, table settings that are the headshots of the castmates at the time," Greenfield says. But we have to ask... was there an Adam Sandler impersonator doing his character from The Wedding Singer?

He Still Gets Starstruck

Sure, Greenfield may be the hot new thing now, but just like every normal person, he gets freaked out when he meets his acting heros. Greenfield says he still does one move (and he clearly remembers doing this when he first met Ed Helms from The Office) where he'll excuse himself to the bathroom when in mid-conversation with a celebrity just because the conversation is going well and he doesn't want to ruin it.

"You have such an aggressive response to it, you don't really know what to do, and it's hard to carry on a normal conversation with some of these people," Greenfield says. "Because in the back of your head, you're going 'I mean...they're...I just...it seems like, I don't believe it, but it does seem like we're talking in a sense that would lead anyone else to believe we are equals.'"

He Wants Winston and Schmidt to Join the KISS Army

Greenfield says the writers never seem to take to his ideas for New Girl, but he does have one idea in particular that he's pushing for Season 4. The show opens... “And we go, ‘Guys, we have big news. Winston and I joined the KISS Army’ — and then it cuts to the New Girl song," Greenfield says. Winston and Schmidt becoming hardcore KISS fans would be a season-long arc, of course, and Nick wouldn't join because he's not a KISS fan.

The writers may not buy it, but we'd do anything to see Winston and Schmidt in KISS makeup.

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