Luigi In 'Mario Kart 8' Is Straight-Up Evil, And Here's Why: An Underdog's Story

Nintendo has come out with its latest edition of everyone's favorite childhood racing game, Mario Kart 8 — but it's not the same game you played when you were 10. Developed for the Wii U, Mario Kart 8 features all the familiar characters and setups... aside from a decidedly evil, death-stare-prone Luigi. Mario and co race through various trippy-looking courses, throwing turtle shells and banana peels at each other in order to reach the finish line first. Don't let the colorful visuals and the friendly, familiar faces fool you, though. This game is cutthroat.

Once the cheerful, upbeat brother to Mario, Luigi started Mart Kart perfectly content to fulfill the sidekick role. Over the years, however, Luigi's disposition apparently began to change, and resentment set in. Game after game, Mario took credit for every victory, every princess rescue, and no matter how much Luigi helped out — literally giving his blood, sweat, and tears — he's always been relegated to the background. Well, now it seems Luigi's cracked, and we are all feeling his wrath.Mario Kart 8, which was released May 30, includes a new feature that allows the characters to look at each other after doing something really douchey, like throwing a turtle shell bomb. The look on Luigi's face is especially sinister, as he fixes his big blue eyes on you and says without speaking, "I will end you."Here's the proof.

Sends shivers down your spine, doesn't it? Luigi's the new face of evil.

However. If you knew the background story, you'd see that Luigi's put up with a lot over the years. A man can only take so much of being in the shadows while watching his shorter, fatter brother get all the fame. A man has his limits. So before you vilify Luigi and condemn his new vicious appetite for blood, why don't you take some responsibility and learn the whole truth? Behold, Luigi's origins story.

Since the Very First Mario Bros. Game Came Out, Luigi Has Always Given the Spotlight to Mario

Sometimes People Didn't Even Know His Name

Even When Nintendo Announced 2013 to Be the Year of Luigi, Mario Found a Way to Undermine His Brother

And the Results of His Year to Shine Were Less Than Spectacular

The Guy Just Couldn't Catch a Break

He Was Being Pushed Farther Into the Background, and Farther Toward His Limit

...Until He Reached It

And Became the Cold-Blooded Villain He Is Today ...

... Finally Getting His Revenge on Mario

Now Others Look Upon Him With Fear, a Whole Lot of Fear

But Luigi Didn't Choose The Thug Life, the Thug Life Chose Him

Images: Nintendo; Deviant Art; GIFs: NeoGaf