6-Year-Old Sums Up 'Frozen' In One Sentence

So, if we're still talkin' Frozen — and we totally are — then we should probably pin down once and for all the best description for the super popular, "Let It Go" belt-a-thon inducing, parody-inspiring animated Disney movie musical. We know there are plenty of reasons to love the flick, as it's got a heartwarming message about sisterly love, but when it comes down to it, what is it really about? A 6-year-old's description of Frozen , as depicted via a meme, is pretty spot-on, and not to mention, really, really adorable. But it makes you think: maybe someone closer to young Anna's age has the best point of view of all when it comes to this movie.

A Redditor posted this in the Frozen subreddit — the center for all things Frozen , of course — as "the moral of Frozen according to [a] six-year-old," and you know what? It's not to be dismissed. Kids do say the darndest things, but they also have a pretty low BS tolerance. They call things like it is! And Frozen has a pretty clear moral when it comes to the strength of ladies. Don't mess with Anna and Elsa, y'all.

The meme of course speaks for itself, but just imagine a first grader saying this moral:

Aaand, girl power, Frozen-style.

Image: Disney; Imgur