Karl Lagerfeld To Design For Louis Vuitton, Along With Other Huge Names In Fashion

In case you didn't know, it's almost Louis Vuitton's 160th birthday. And if for no other reason than the fact that the brand isn't really into the whole "subtle" thing, Louis Vuitton will be celebrating its special day with a new collaboration featuring big-name designers. The most surprising name? Karl Lagerfeld. Yeah, it's that kind of big deal.

The force behind this new collaboration is Delphine Arnault, Vuitton's executive vice president, and rival Lagerfeld isn't the only famous name to be including in the collaborative collection — called 'The Icon and the Iconoclast.' Other designers joining the collection are Marc Newson, Christian Louboutin, Marc Newson, Christian Louboutin, Frank Gehry, and photographer Cindy Sherman.

The selection of unbelievably creative (and successful) people will re-think the brand's iconic LV logo and create limited edition bags and luggage items that will be released in the fall.

"We have assembled an amazing group of talents — geniuses, I would say. Each one is among the best in his or her field,” Arnault said. “The monogram is at the center of our house, so we celebrate the monogram every day. But we thought this project was really special because the personalities we chose are fascinating and diverse.”

Diverse is certainly correct, and with names like Lagerfeld and Louboutin, the collection is sure to be something special. Oh, and expensive. That too. Prices will reportedly range from $2,725 to $5,450. No big deal. Should be able to scrounge up that change in our couch cushions.

While there currently aren't any images released to preview the collection (I'm disappointed too), the genius-created collection should be in stores around mid-October — with an ad campaign, website, and book all coming out before its big debut. Like I said, LV doesn't do subtle.