8 Of The Best (And Worst) 'Degrassi' Style Moments

The combination of impossible-to-forget characters like Paige, Jimmy (yes, an itty bitty baby Drake in a wheelchair), Emma, and Craig with every dramatic situation possible has created the long-lasting Canadian teen drama that is Degrassi: The Next Generation. For me, the show basically introduced me to every possible traumatic scenario one could go through as a teen, which was as helpful as it was terrifying. But despite it's drama-filled, crazy plot lines, I obsessively watched Degrassi through ALL of my awkward years. Believe it or not, the show is back for it's newest season this summer. And although the show's legacy of being around, well, forever is pretty impressive in itself, what really needs to be addressed here is the clothes.

Throughout the last 13 years of Degrassi's existence, one thing has been consistent (unlike the amount of impossible, constantly rotating, romantic scenarios): Style. Like any show aimed at young adults, clothes were a big part of Degrassi's early seasons — and even part of some of the storylines at times. In honor of the always-stylish (well, most of the time...) Degrassi High, it's only appropriate to celebrate the best and the worst clothes of the show in a post. So get ready to laugh, cringe a little (a lot) and feel really, really old — here are 8 of the best and most memorable fashion moments of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

1. Manny's Thong

Yes, I'm going to have to begin with this. Because it is, all at once, both one of the best and absolute worst fashion moments in all of Degrassi. First of all, I never remember this even being a trend in real life. Ever. But, apparently Manny thought an almost fully-exposed thong was key to transitioning into womanhood. Because nothing says "take me seriously" like a G-string, right?

2. Young Emma's Hair

Now, eventually, Emma (like her BFF Manny) went through a "woah, when did she get really old and attractive?" phase. But before then, for the majority of the early years of the show, Emma was more than just a little awkward. But it's hard to fault her when she's pulling off a pig tail situation like in the first gif. I mean, that must have taken a while. Work it, girl.

Side note: let's talk about these dolphin pants. Yes. Dolphin. Pants.

3. Paige Michaelchuk, In General

As it says on her shirt in the first pic, Paige was one of Degrassi's resident "hotties." So, naturally, fashion was always a priority to Paige.

4. Spinner and His Many Badass Fashion Phases

Spinner, clearly, always had a flare for style. And jewelry. And dating almost every single main female character on the show. There was a lot going on there, but in the end I always loved Spinner for his badass-yet-totally adorable vibe.

5. Craig and his Leather Jacket

Craig, like all overly emotional musicians, had a leather jacket that appeared in his wardrobe frequently (did he wear anything else, actually?). This was only fitting, and seeing that Craig was my personal crush on the show (until, you know, he got all crazy), his leather jacket is a favorite Degrassi fashion moment of mine.

6. Marco's Hair

Like most good characters, Marco had some pretty awesome hair. From the beginning of his appearance of the show, his hair was always perfectly coiffed.

7. Jimmy Wore A Lot Of Plaid

And by a lot, I mean that's basically all Jimmy wore.

8. Ellie And Her Goth Phase

Ellie was basically in a constant state of eye rolling throughout the entire show, and she certainly had her issues (as did literally every single character on the show), but her goth/punk rock phase was a big fashion moment for the show. And somehow she still looked really, really cute.

Images: Teen Nick; Giphy