Ultrasound is the New Lipsuction, Non-Pregnant Ladies Included

There's a new way to blast fat and fight wrinkles and according to The NY Times, it's so safe, they use it on pregnant women. Yes, I'm talking about ultrasounds. The procedure most commonly used to locate babies is now being used to smooth out skin and eliminate fat on non-pregnant women of all ages in spas and dermatologist offices across New York City.

It's called ultratherapy and it's becoming a more popular alternative to liposuction and Botox in the age-old war against wrinkles and fat. Unlike the more invasive procedures, ultratherapy doesn't leave any marks behind. No needle marks, no bruising, no peeling. So, for those so inclined, you can even lie about it because the procedure leaves no trace of evidence.

So, here's how it works: The treatment uses ultrasound waves to smooth out faces and eliminate fat virtually anywhere, from your back and waist to your hands and face. Patients typically pop a Valium or Percocet (the waves are strong and thus, painful) and endure a short amount of pain while fat cells are killed.

This treatment is not for everyone, however. In addition to people who have cheek or chin implants, it's also not appropriate for already slim ladies looking for a quick hit. The ultrasound waves go deep, so doctors turn away clients who have less than an inch of fat because they worry nerves could be damaged.

The procedure varies in price depending on the area and where you're receiving the treatment (in addition to dermatologist offices, several spas are also offering a less powerful version of the procedure), but it can start anywhere from $1,000 -5,000.

If you’re wondering whether or not it actually works, one woman told NYT that her procedure lasted two years. Of course, ultratherapy is not as inexpensive as working out and eating right or just embracing your body as is. But hey, if you’ve got some extra cash lying around and are looking to for a little assistance before a big event, I guess this might be the option for you.