Don Cheadle Is Crowdfunding a Miles Davis Movie but He Doesn’t Need Much

Don Cheadle is the latest Hollywood star to jump on the crowdsourcing bandwagon, but compared to other stars, he really isn't asking for much. Don Cheadle is making a Miles Davis movie and has launched a crowdsourcing fund on Indiegogo to get it done. In fact, Cheadle has been trying to get a Davis movie made for years and has put his own money into the film, but hasn't been able to get it of the ground and that's where the crowdsourcing comes in. As Cheadle puts it, because Davis preferred his music be called "social music" rather than jazz, it's fitting that getting the movie made be a "social experience."

Cheadle's goal is to raise $325,000 by July 10. As a point of comparison, when Zach Braff crowdfunded Wish You Were Here, his goal was $2 million. Spike Lee's goal for his new film was $1.25 million.

Cheadle plans to start production on the film, which is currently titled Miles Ahead (previously, Kill the Trumpet Player) this summer and will direct and star in the film himself. His decision to take on the lead role has been approved by Davis' children. As he notes in a video explaining the crowdfunding, Cheadle read an interview where Davis' children said they would like a biopic made about their father and when it happens they would want Don Cheadle to play him. Having the backing of Davis' family is undoubtedly beneficial for Cheadle — going in he'll know he won't meet the same fate as the Jimi Hendrix biopic which can't use Hendrix's music.

Also in the video, Cheadle reveals that Ewan McGregor has already been cast as a Rolling Stone reporter and that musician and member of Davis' band Herbie Hancock is on board to help out.

Even though Cheadle is in need of money and has had issues getting this project going, with the support he has from Davis' family, it sounds promising. If you'd like to help Miles Ahead get made check out the video below for more information.