'Gossip Girl's Dorota is Coming to 'Girls' So Here Are 7 of Her Best "Miss Blair" Moments

Your favorite Gossip Girl sidekick is moving from the Upper East Side to Brooklyn (or maybe, as it were, Iowa?) Zuzanna Szadkowski, who played Gossip Girl's sleeper hit Dorota (Blair Waldorf's housekeeper/ BFF/ confidant with a mysterious past), is coming to the HBO series Girls. No news yet on what her part will be, but it's clear that, without a doubt, it won't top the infinite wisdom, fierce loyalty and general bouyancy for life that Dorota had on Gossip Girl for six seasons.

Most of us were even convinced that Dorota WAS the mysterious fly on the wall Gossip Girl, and it was a tremendous disappointment that it ended up being that pseudo-poor Brooklyn goon Dan Humphrey (it still doesn't even make sense!!!, but I digress). Zsadskowski is a long-time, real life friend of other Girls star Andrew Ranells, who plays Elijah, Hannah Horvath's gay ex-boyfriend (you know, the one that tried to sleep with Marnie?) Ranells says he's excited to come back together with Szadkowski: "She was going to Barnard and I had just dropped out of college, so Girls is our big professional reunion," he said. That boy can create chemistry with anyone, but it will be exciting to see him and his IRL friend on screen together. Like I said, though, there's nothing beating Dorota, and even though she may get cast as one of Lena's professors at Iowa or some other kind of wisdom-imparting character, she could take some cues from Dorota. Here are some of Dorota's best moments and what she taught Blair Waldorf, and ultimately, all of us.

Social media is serious.

Blair and Chuck's on-again, off-again, I love you, I hate you was just as exhausting for Dorota, but she was ever-faithful to her beloved Blair Waldorf. In the case of Facebook (and Twitter, and Instagram), Dorota knew that you always stuck by your friends, even though she might have been tempted to see what Chuck was up too and what kind of smoking jacket he was wearing.

There's no such thing as too many flowers!

Maybe if Hannah needs some cheering up, Szadkowski can bring her a beautiful, extravagant bouquet. (You can almost hear "Dorota, are you insane?!" in Lena Dunham's voice).

Best friends scheme together.

Dorota was always at the ready to throw on her incognito shades and help Blair with her batshit-crazy schemes. That's what friends are for!

If you have nothing nice to say...

Perfect your eye-roll.

Know your friends, and know when to worry.

Dorota always knew when to suspect if something was up with Blair. If she was happy, it was probably for a suspect reason. That's the kind of friend you need—that knows your moods better than you do.

Sometimes you need a drink.

With Blair's care in her hands, it's a surprise Dorota wasn't boozin' 24/7. And honestly, having a friend like Hannah Horvath could lead anyone to drink, too. Whatever her role on Girls is, Szadkowski's going to need something to put up with Hannah.

Bittersweet nothings...

No one knows what's going to become of Adam and Hannah, but Dorota—ah, I mean Szadkowski!—can help Hannah through whatever heartache she might have to endure. After all, this is the woman that saw Blair Waldorf through so many wackadoo breakups and life-ruining schemes without getting a hair out of place.

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