7 Ways to Wear Overalls This Summer

Overalls are the perfect answer for any summertime excursion. "What should I wear to the beach?" Overalls over a swimsuit. "How do I stay cute, yet comfortable at a music festival?" Overalls and some sandals. "What's a great day date outfit that's flirty, but fun?" Overalls with some wedges. Catch my drift? Whether you're dressing them up with some heels or dressing them down with a baseball cap, there's no question that overalls should be a staple in your wardrobe this summer. No matter how hard you may have tried to resist the Osh-Kosh-inspired trend, it's here to stay. And although you may not have been a fan of them at first, I assure you that after seeing how these pro-overall fashionistas have styled them, you'll be thinking otherwise.

The first thing to do, of course, is to stock up on a trusty pair of overalls. There are countless styles to consider: shortalls, long overalls, skirtalls. Then, there's the fabric: traditional, distressed, leather, black denim, white denim, printed, etc. The options are absolutely endless, but the most important thing to look for is comfort. After all, that's what overalls are all about, right? Once you've found your perfect pair(s), here's exactly how you should style them this summer.

Pair Them with Basic, Classic Pieces

A perfect way to elevate a casual pair of overalls is to pair them with elegant, classic pieces like a crisp, white button down or a striped tee.

Wear Them with Heels

Actress and fashion blogger Ashley Madewke manages to make a simple pair of Dungarees look sexy with some red hot heels.

Let the Bib Hang Low

When the temperature rises and it's too hot for the upper portion of your overalls, don't be afraid to let the bib hang loose around your waist.

Wear Them with Tights

Alternatively, when the temperatures drop, try pairing your shortalls with black tights for a casual night out.

Rock a Crop Top

There couldn't be a more appropriate compliment to a pair of overalls than a crop top. Even if you're too shy to show your midsection, you can still over up most of your tummy while showing a little hint of skin.

Pair them with Patterns and Prints

Tone down a printed top with a pair of overalls. The simpleness of a pair of denim shortalls is the perfect way to downplay a busy pattern.

Play with Textures

Balance the boxiness and boyishness of a pair of overalls with ultra-feminine textured pieces, like lace tops or sheer blouses.

Image: SincerelyJules/Instagram, RachelZoeStudio/Instagram, SmashleyBell/Instagram, VisualAddict/Instagram, Luanna90/Instagram, AlyyyssaLau/Instagram, WeWoreWhat/Instagram, SongofStyle/Instagram