'OITNB' Meets 'Arrested Development' in Netflix's Brilliant Mash-up — VIDEO

Although some may thing The Fault in Our Stars has the market cornered on entertainment acronyms and teaser trailers, Netflix is starting to give them a run for their money. To advertise the release of the second season of Orange is the New Black this Friday, Netflix created a Arrested Development -style intro sequence for the ladies at Litchfield prison. There was the possibility that such an ambitious mashup could be as bad as the fourth season of AD. However, the creators kept it light, making for a cute, fun alternative to the other intense trailers for this season. And yes, Ron Howard starts the voiceover with "Now the story of a wealthy girl who lost everything..."

Even if this trailer doesn't reveal any new plot points about Piper's descent into madness, the state of relationships at the prison, or any other of the loose ends left from the Season 1 finale, it is nice to see Netflix stretching their creative muscles to keep us entertained in between binge sessions. There is a (slim) possibility that this season won't live up to our high expectations from Season 1, and this trailer shows that Netflix is ready to play it off in style.

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Image: Netflix