Will His Memoir Include AC Slater?

by Maitri Suhas

If you wanted a Saved by the Bell biography that makes up for Dustin Diamond's weird, hallucinatory account of his time on the 90's staple, you may just find what you're looking for in Mario Lopez' forthcoming memoir, Just Between Us, being published by Celebra in September of this year. You'd think the former Bell star, who now hosts Extra (and just about everything else you can think of that isn't being hosted by Ryan Seacrest), didn't have any more secrets left to share, since he's spent most of his life in the glaringly public eye.

But apparently, that's not true! Lopez said in a statement about the book, "I share my most intimate stories and pivotal moments, some of the best and most important times of my life and the heartbreaking mistakes that still haunt me. There are no do-overs in life, so I had to learn to pick myself up and move forward, never forgetting the hard-won lessons."

Despite the fact that that's a really host-y description to give, and sure, the book may be exactly what you expect from Lopez—ups and downs but ultimately, good natured, there may be something darker lurking there, don't you think? Lopez has been steadily in the spotlight since he left Saved by the Bell where he played the infamously mullet-curled A.C. Slater, and yet, Saved is ALL anyone wants to talk to him about. The man has layers! Seriously, though, maybe he will straighten out the rumors that Dustin Diamond "revealed" about the Saved set, including some particularly unsavory ones about Lopez himself. (Diamond later revealed that much of the book was fictionalized because of pressure from his publisher. Damn it, Screech, get your story straight). In fact, he's only the second former Saved cast member to write a memoir.

He seems like an all around jovial dude, that dimpled Lopez, but writing a memoir means he definitely has something to say and wants to set the record straight. Maybe he's tired of playing host all the time! Maybe he has some confessions about the Saved by the Bell cast. Maybe he just wants people to stop asking him about being Zack Morris' sidekick in MC Hammer pants, so after the publication of Just Between Us he can default to the answer "I answered those questions in my book, go read it." Which is a badass response for anyone. You have to feel some sympathy for a guy that probably still gets called AC as much as he gets called Mario, and maybe Just Between Us will reveal some REAL details about behind the scenes of Saved by the Bell that make Lopez want to distance himself from his role as a 90's heartthrob. He's still got those dimples, though, which he can't hide.