Mischa Gets Paid to be Lonely

Usually went celebrities host events at clubs they roll up with a huge entourage consisting of their best friends, siblings, and mother, and Scott Disick starts a fight with someone. Okay, so maybe I've only seen celeb-hosted events go down on Keeping Up with the Kardashians but the point is, when you get to host one of these things, you show up with as many people as possible so they can get in on the free drinks and dancing too. This was not the case for Mischa Barton who hosted an Atlantic City event solo on Saturday night.

Barton was the special guest host of Pool After Dark at Harrah's Resort in The A.C. and, according to TMZ (who apparently had someone there spying on her), stayed at the party until 3 a.m. even though she showed up by herself. Reportedly, Barton "ordered a bottle of champagne and a bottle of tequila, and did shots ... by herself."

Now at first this might sound sad — Poor Mischa Barton! Drinking at the club alone! — but think about the logistics. I'm pretty sure Barton has friends, but sometimes you just can't get your friends to do anything. They're lazy or have previous engagements. Plus, her friends are probably rich and/or famous and have cooler plans than watching Modern Family reruns which, I promise you, is also a valid option.

I imagine her group texting them the day before:

Mischa: Hey. Anyone wanna go to this event w me in atlantic city? its supposed to be fun.

Friend 1: Sorry got plans!

Friend 2: Atlantic City? Really? I'll come to the Vegas one next time. haha luv ya

Friend 3: Is it really gonna be fun? Be honest

Mischa: I dunno. Probably not whatever.

Sometimes your friends just don't want to go out. We've all been there. And, no, I'm not implying that Barton only has three friends. Friends 4 through 9 saw that it was a group text and were like, "Screw that!"

Anyway, I'm sure Barton wasn't completely alone. There were fans around that she could chat with, the bartender probably jumped at the chance of taking shots with her, and she had the wonderful feeling of knowing she was making money simply by sitting around at a club to comfort her.