3 Reasons To Add Cinnamon To Your Beauty Routine

The only thing worse than a hangover from too many happy hour margs is a hangover from too many happy hour tacos. Not one to go the alka-seltzer route, I have stood by a trick my mother used when I would get a tummy ache (mostly from sneaking food into my room after dinner): A teaspoon of sugar and cinnamon and BOOM — instant relief. This is definitely the spice I monitor the most in my spice rack; I never want to be en-route to work and realize that I'm going to be plagued with eery stomach noises all day, while I pretend to cough over the embarrassing sound.

Last year, I tried cinnamon in a DIY face mask for the first time. It wasn't long before my trusty stomach reliever made its way from the kitchen to the bathroom. Cinnamon became my mom away from home, curing tummy aches, garnishing my French Toast, and swiftly healing my acne.

For centuries, South Asian natives have used the bark of this evergreen to cure infection and disease, harvesting only twice a year. The main chemical found in the cinnamomom tree is cinnamaldahyde which has unique antimicrobial properties that your pores will want to sip on for days, because it helps kill microorganisms that often live under our skin.

Packed with fiber, calcium, and iron, cinnamon has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties; the antiseptic elements will clean and heal those blemishes fast without drying out your skin. The combination of all these components make this ideal for skin and hair care. Now that's what's up!

Ready to start purchasing cinnamon in bulk for a multitude of health benefits? These are just a few reasons why I gots to have my cinnamon.

Lip Plumper

I may have lucked out with some beauty genes, but it was my sister who got the plump beautiful lips. If you live in constant envy of Kerry Washington's supple pout and guiltily shell out cash for failed lip plumping products, this recipe will have you smooching confidently this summer. Dilute your cinnamon in castor oil and apply directly onto your lips. Allow the mixture to settle for up to 2 minutes and add another layer of castor oil. Bonus: Castor is an amazing moisturizer, so you're likely to have soft plump lips that last throughout the day.

Acne Spot Treatment

This is one of my favorite recipes to zap zits. When it's time for my monthly visitor and I've got mood swings like whoa, the last thing I need to be dealing with are these new pimples that are all up in my T-Zone. In a small container, add a teaspoon of both nutmeg and cinnamon to raw honey and watch your blemishes decrease overnight. Raw honey and nutmeg both have natural anti-inflammatory properties that will decrease the swelling of your pimple. You'll also cash in on the benefits of raw honey by balancing your skins pH level! No fretting for those allergic to nuts, nutmeg is a seed with a misleading name.

Cinnamon Foot Scrub

Nothing feels better than prancing around barefoot at the beach or at the park during the summer time. It's definitely the best reward for keeping our feet cramped up in snug boots all winter. Whether you had a hard day at the beach or at work, treat yourself to a foot scrub! Here's my favorite recipe for a nice cinnamon foot scrub:

  • 1/2 cup of shea butter
  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon of raw unbleached sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (or an essential oil of your choice)

Start by heating your raw shea butter for additional healing and moisture, without bringing to a boil. Once your shea butter has hardened slightly, add the essential oil and equal parts of cinnamon and raw unbleached sugar. Whip this bad boy up nicely, and if you want a grainier content, feel free to add more cinnamon and sugar! Once you've resisted the urge to devour your new foot scrub, apply directly onto your feet and chill for about 15 minutes. Rinse well and enjoy those soft feet!

Curious about purchasing cinnamon as an essential oil? Check out some additional health benefits on Organic Fact's website. They seriously know their stuff!

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