'Veronica Mars' Movie Preview Is The Sneak Peek You've Been Waiting For

You give 'em an inch, they take a mile. Now that the Veronica Mars movie is in full-swing thanks to donations made by die-hard fans on Kickstarter, it seems we won't stop hearing about the up-coming feature film. Starring Kristen Bell, James Franco, Tina Majorino, and Jerry O'Connell, the movie is slated for release in 2014, but an official first look at Veronica Mars debuted in July. The nearly five-minute spot shows clips from the TV show and movie, along with cast and crew interviews.

They describe themselves as "the little movie that could", but really, it's time to shed the humble image and start admitting that this movie is going to be huge. Huge, marshmallows. Huge.

Watch the Veronica Mars preview: