Leonardo DiCaprio Was Almost on 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians.' For Real.

Two unlikely worlds collided on Sunday night and it almost resulted in the best television event in history. Okay, maybe not in history, but the best television event that has been on the E! network in the past few months. How's that for intrigue?! Leonardo DiCaprio was almost on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but unfortunately he refused to be filmed. Now I know what you're thinking, OF COURSE he refused to be filmed. But, as I see it, if he had any decency he would give the public what they need and that's a random cameo by Leonardo DiCaprio on KUTWK.

According to Us Weekly, Brody Jenner was DJ-ing a birthday party for Frankie Delgado. Yes that Frankie Delgado, the sometimes-castmember on The Hills who also happens to be friends with DiCaprio. Jenner was joined by his brother Brandon and father Bruce who were all being filmed for the show. (Also, because I'm sure you want to know, Bruce was said to be fist-pumping and drinking a beer in the DJ booth. Oh, Bruce.) A source who spoke with the magazine says, "The organizers know how Leo feels about cameras, so they gave him a heads up. He didn't want to be filmed for the show, he wouldn't have wanted to be filmed for anything." The source added in case it wasn't absolutely clear, "But especially not that one."

Not only did DiCaprio refuse to be filmed for the show, he was joined in his refusal by Paris Hilton. Yes, that Paris Hilton, former best friend of Kim Kardashian. DiCaprio and Hilton didn't refuse together per se — They weren't some sort of anti-Kardashians protest group — they just both happened to be at the party and both happened to not want to be filmed.

I don't know what the best thing about this story is. That Leo was almost on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and could've been briefly included in an establishing shot with the title "Leonardo DiCaprio: Actor/Friend of Frankie" underneath? That the person sharing his opinion on the whole thing was Paris Hilton? Or that the connecting thread in all of this was Frankie "Person You Sort of Remember on The Hills" Delgado? It's all so good!

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