Tanya Taylor's Artistic Lookbook is Revolutionary And Completely Awesome

The typical couture lookbook contains a series waif-like models dressed in luxe clothing, draped over various pieces of furniture. If the image sounds staid, Tanya Taylor's new artistic lookbook is a refreshing game-changer. Designed by artist Kalen Hollomon, the lookbook features a collage-esque mashup of photographs, creating a surreal picture book effect that combines fashion with whimsy.

Each "look" in the designer's book is a snapshot of Hollomon displaying a cutout image of a Tanya Taylor-clad model, posed in front of various New York City locations. The juxtaposition of a paper doll-like cutout against a real location adds both depth and interest to the lookbook, and makes the collection all the more appealing to the girl on the go. Taylor cites Holloman's work as a muse for her resort collection, and indeed, the collection is a lesson in mixed-media fashion, including various graphic prints and contrasting fabrics thrown together in a novel manner.

The artist himself acknowledges that the tactile sensation of his work draws in both fashionistas and fans alike, saying:

For some reason, what I was doing seemed to resonate with people in the fashion world from the beginning, even before Instagram.

Holloman's work gained notoriety on Instagram, and soon leapt onto the virtual pages of Vogue's social media account under the hashtag #Vogue InstaFashion Projects. Holloman's work takes the one-dimensional imagery of fashion photography and makes it into a more immersive experience, and based on his previous collaborations, it appears that the industry is benefitting from the artist's unique perspective.

Images Courtesy of Tanya Taylor