15 Cheap Father's Day Gift Ideas Under $25

Finding the right affordable Father's Day gift for Dad isn't easy. First, you'll need to figure out what kind of dad he is, is he a Golf Dad? A Tech Dad? (Maybe an online quiz will help.) What's your budget? What does he need? What does he want but will never ask for?

If you want to do this the hard way, you can sit down and answer all of those questions. if you want to do this the easy way you can just look through this handy guide to gifts I made (and they are all under $25!).

by Corinne Caputo

car play shirt

Remember these? Well now they are awesome t-shirts and not just rugs.

Car Play Shirt, $22,

wooden iphone docking station

Help dad charge his phone in style with this lovely wooden iPhone station.

Wooden iPhone Docking Station, $25,

leather wallet

Dad probably needs a new wallet and this is just the one.

Leather Wallet, $11,

captain america cufflinks

Help Dad feel like the superhero he is with these cufflinks.

Captain America Cufflinks, $13,

engraved grill tools

There’s no better way to grill than with tools that tell you you’re great.

Engraved Grill Tools, $15,

darth vader mug

Let Dad know he is the best in the galaxy with this mug.

Darth Vader Mug, $11,

canon camera lens mug

Have a nerdy Dad? He’ll love these camera lens mugs (they come in both Canon and Nikon!).

Canon Camera Lens Mug, $24,

beer and shot glass

For a beer lovin’ Dad, look no further than this Heineken pint and shot glass set.

Beer and Shot Glass, $10,

magnetic bottle opener

This thing is just the coolest.

Magnetic Bottle Opener, $18,

custom wallet insert

Now Dad can carry around words of love and wisdom wherever he goes.

Wallet Insert, $13,

cooler than mom mug

Don’t tell Mom, but obviously this is best gift Dad could get.

Cooler Than Mom Mug, $15,

arts and crafts book

This gift is intended for kids to fill out for their Dads, but obviously it’s even sweeter/more hilarious coming from an adult.

Dear Dad Arts and Crafts Book, $9,

Bike Chain Bottle Opener

For the athletic, biking, and drinking Dad.

Bike Chain Bottle Opener, $10,

mug with a hoop

If Dad is a big basketball fan, let him curl up with a big mug of hot chocolate and his favorite game.

Mug With A Hoop, $24,

mr. mercedes

Stephen King is at it again with his latest release, Mr. Mercedes. Dad will love it.

Mr. Mercedes, $19,