31 Things Only University of Miami Students Understand, Because We Bleed Orange and Green

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When you attend the University of Miami, you are accepted into a family — a rowdy, reunions-end-with-the-police-arriving kind of family. Because once you step on campus, your DNA changes, and the shift is universal and permanent. No matter what you do or where you go, you bleed orange and green.

I remember sitting at a red light here in Houston next to a SUV with a Miami license plate. I threw up “The U” at the middle aged driver next to me, and he promptly rolled down his window and I proceeded to cheer “It’s great. To be. A Miami Hurricane!!." We held up traffic to celebrate our school and didn't care one bit. That is what it feels like to be a Miami Hurricane.

When someone says, “I went to (insert name of other school here),” we think Oh that’s nice, I'm a Hurricane. We don’t mean to condescend, (OK maybe we do), but we honestly don’t understand why anyone would want to go somewhere else other than Miami.

If you went to U Miami — or are lucky enough to be there now — you know what I'm talking about. Because there are some things only we can truly understand. Things like...

you're used to Going to School at a Five Star Resort

I mean come on, how could you not love this campus?!

And taking weekend trips to the Keys

Just a few hours drive to paradise.

People think you just lay on the beach and go clubbing

And you do not correct them.

Other college campuses confuse you

But where are all the fountains and palm trees?

because UC patio lounging isn’t a choice — it's a lifestyle

It's too pretty to go to class.

Still, it isn't all easy. you're used to Going to class during a natural disaster

Unless it is a Category 2, you still have that PoliSci quiz.

though even If It was a Cat 5, You Know You'd Be Safe Here

Forget Mahoney Pearson.

a Daily 3:30 p.m. rainstorm is to be expected

But only on one side of campus.

...though The Rest of the Day does Look Like This

Eighty degrees on Christmas Day.

your Family wonders where this new love of Cuban sandwiches and jerk chicken is coming from

COISO changed my food life.

you to extended family: "It's University of Miami, Not Miami University!!"

Do I look like I live in Ohio?!

you know our Football Legacy is Like No Other

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And it doesn't just stop with football, we've dominated in everything from baseball to golf.

Um, hello Champions in 1983, 1987, 1989, 1991 & 2001 (*2002)

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History will repeat itself.

You're used to Being Hated on by the BCS and possibly all of the NCAA

All day, everyday.

and you have a Deep Hatred for Those That Shall Not Be Named

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I can't even begin to explain the hate.

Which Is Why "WIDE LEFT" (or RIGHT) Is So Hilarious To Us

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Your pain sustains me.

There is a hole in your heart for the Orange Bowl

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We will miss you old friend.

but it's ok, because Your Future wedding officiant is totally going to be this guy

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Sebastian the Ibis can stay at my house.

and You will drop anything if this happens within earshot

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Admit it.

you will school anyone who underestimates our academics

UM is ranked in the top 100 schools in expenditure of research and development funds, over half of new freshmen graduated in the top five percent of their high school class, and the Medical and Law Schools are consistently featured in national top 50 lists.

oh, and We Make Medical History, Too

Just this past winter, work by UM researchers brought us one step closer to a viable AIDS vaccine.

you know We have the best Alumni

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You would go complete fangirl if you ever saw The Rock in public.

and you know Which bird is the last to leave before a hurricane and the first to return after the storm has passed

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Answer: The Ibis

but watch out for these

Evil creatures.

you live for Canes Carnival

Just a run of the mill Student Activities event.

the only reason you look forward to finals is Midnight breakfast

The only reason.

you know The fun of Burning (exploding) a boat in the middle of Lake Oceola during Homecoming

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Scared me every time.

you have a car but walk everywhere just to keep your choice parking spot near Eaton

And once you decide to drive, you have to climb through the trunk to get in. Why are the spots so small?!

Everyone wants to visit you for Spring Break, because South Beach

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But you want to go somewhere else. What? It's hard being surrounded by beauty all the time.

most of all, You'll never get tired of this

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Because it's all about The []_[] Baby!!

We're proud to bleed orange and green.

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