'Lucky' Calls This Suit Perfect For Every Body Shape — It's Not And Neither Are These 10 One Size Fits All Pieces

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It pains me that we still live in a world where "one size fits all" is a thing. Haven't we learned? Apparently not. Lucky Mag recently published an article praising American Apparel's string bikini as the "perfect" swimsuit for almost every body type. What's worse is that the models they chose to showcase the "perfect" bikini were all small-breasted, size XS/S ladies, which most definitely did not represent their argument of "almost every body type." And although they may have made a huge editorial boo boo in doing so, they're definitely not the only ones who are supporting this notion of "one size fits most." There are countless retailers that carry items that only come in — yup, you guessed it — one size.

It isn't just lazy retailing, it's also super offensive and delivers the message that all their consumers should be able to squeeze into a "super stretchy" pair of leggings or dress. How could they completely ignore the fact that a woman's body comes in all different shapes and sizes? I'm not sure. At any rate, here are ten of the most ridiculous "one size fits all" items you can actually shop right now.

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