New 'Apes' Poster Will Make You Laugh

The apes are coming! The apes are coming! If you, too, find yourself imagining an installment of Planet of The Apes that involves a midnight ride of Paul Revere, you're not alone. After all, the new Dawn of The Planet of The Apes poster finds an ape riding on top of a horse with a rifle in the air, a la Revere in his regaled tale. And it is rather appropriate, since the apes are coming — to a theater near you. (BOOM. Couldn't help myself there.)

This poster, which is mildly hilarious, shows us that this movie is indeed about the continuation of this ape uprising. The first movie in the reboot of the classic film showed Caesar lead an ape-olution (that's ape revolution, by the way), and despite all of the ape attire and hoopla, it only fared moderately well, critically speaking. This movie, according to the trailer, seems to about the apes reclaiming the world that they lost. It's also about Gary Oldman because Gary Oldman is the man. (He stars in the flick as the ape with the coolest voice, of course.) While it's up for grabs if critics will adore it or loathe it, it will certainly be bombastic summertime popcorn fare. And if the posters tells us anything, beware of the apes if you're driving over a bridge.

Take a look:

Image: 20th Century Fox; Imgur