You Can Thank the Internet for Birds With Arms

Every once in a while the Internet gives us something we never knew we needed until it arrived, much like male celebrities with Zooey Deschanel's eyes. The latest insane hilarity that's making its way around the world wide web is Birds With Arms. And yes, it's exactly what you think it is — birds with human arms photoshopped into where their wings should be. An angry chicken with Russell Crowe's (pun certainly intended) Gladiator biceps gives a whole new meaning to, "Are you not entertained?" Oh we are, Maxiumus, we most certainly are.

So if you're in need for a pelican showing off the latest summer handbags or a really metal bird shredding in a nest or even a parrot shaving its pits, you can thank the folks at Reddit and Imgur. For without them we would not have Birdonce or Wrestler Hawks. What's more entertaining are the comments surrounding the Birds With Arms meme. Their creators take their art very, very seriously and leave constructive critiques for one another. If there's a Birds With Arms Con in the near future, I think we might need to drop what we're doing and buy tickets.

Read 'em and baGAWK:


Hawko Man Randy Savage

Napoleon Bwak-aparte

Arnold Squakenegger

I'll be BAWWWK!

Images: ToadingAround/MylesKennedyLover/Reddit; MySubtleKnife/Imgur; Legendairy-Milk/BobSkamali/Reddit