Amazon's 3D Phone Is Coming, If We Believe This New And Frustrating Trailer

"It's crazy" and "super awesome." That's pretty much all we can glean about Amazon's new 3D phone from the insane trailer. Spoiler alert: The trailer never shows you the phone. All we see are a bunch of people getting really excited about a device we can't look at. Classic teaser film, getting us all interested without actually providing any information. If you want to know what you learn about the phone from the trailer, the actual answer is: Absolutely nothing.

In the film, participants ooh and aah at the pretty new thing, exclaiming tantalizing things that don't make any sense, like "It moved with me!" and "Ooh, woo!" The phone is also "very real life" and unlike anything you've probably ever seen. Also, like Beyoncé, the phone is reportedly flawless. From what we can tell from the teaser vid, this new phone is the person you always wanted to be friends with in high school or college but is way too cool for you.

The trailer teases to a June 18 reveal of the big phone. Since June 18 is kind of far away and you've watched the video and everything now, your interest is probably annoyingly piqued, like ours. So here's what we know about it:

1. It's probably 3D

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The phone is probably going to have a 3D interface, say people who follow these things obsessively. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Amazon's shiny new phone is the next 3D thing you have to have (sorry, 3D TVs), with a screen that appears to display things in three dimensions. The future is here, people.

2. It has a zillion cameras

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The new phone has six cameras, because if your phone just has two, you're probably lame and out of date already.

3. It watches you

Oli Scarff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Not to be creepy, but the new phone, which is described in the teaser video as "intuitive," can apparently track your eye movements, according to the Journal.

So far the new phone sounds more alarming than anything else, but I guess we'll know for sure June 18. 'Til then you can try and get into Amazon's mysterious device launch event online.

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