The 10 Most Sexist Father's Day Gifts You Can Actually Buy

Right about now you’re probably Google searching your face off in hopes of finding the perfect last minute Father’s Day gift. Breathe. We’ve got you covered. Like, really, really covered. However, while frantically scrolling through what the Internet believes is a "good" gift for your beloved dad, you probably (hopefully) overlooked some of the sillier, more "manly" gifts available, like oversized grilling instruments (are women not allowed to grill or something?) and man cave accoutrements.

We sure came across such stuff during our gift guide compilation, so we've gathered 10 of our (least) favorite silly and sexist Father’s Day gifts for your viewing pleasure — and I’m not talking about ties. So sit back, relax, and prepare to cringe.

by Marisa Riley

Boxing Glove Oven Mitt

Is cooking even still considered feminine anymore? Do we really need to make oven mitts that masculine??

Boxing Glove Oven Mitt, $18, Stupid

Beer Belly

I guess this would be great if your dad was on his way to Coachella. But even then, I’m giving this one a big fat “no.”

Beer Belly, $29, Baron Bob

"Game Over" T-Shirt

Yikes. Even for a gag gift, this one is rough.

“Game Over” T-Shirt, $23, Zazzle

Personalized Oversized Beer Mug

I can guarantee you, these don’t come in “Mom.” I would know, I looked (really, really hard).

Personalized Established Oversized Beer Mug, $35, Gifts

"Real Men Make Twins" T-Shirt

Remember that time I said the “Game Over” T-shirt was rough? I take it back, this one wins.

“Real Men Make Twins” T-Shirt, $33, Zazzle

Perfect Woman Sound Machine

With just the touch of a button you can hear a small machine expel phrases like “After breakfast would you like a blowjob?” or “Definitely get a new plasma TV for the kitchen.” Lovely.

Perfect Woman Sound Machine, $13, Stupid

Control Your Woman Remote Controller

Seriously? Another battery-powered machine created to emulate “controling” a women? Yeesh. C’mon, Dad is so much better than that!

Control Your Woman Remote Controller, Amazon

Customised Branding Iron

Because Dad really needs to see his initials branded on a steak.

Hunter Gatherer Branding Iron, $24, Not On High Street

Guy Fieri's Grilling Cook Book

Classic Father’s Day. Because who doesn’t want to learn all about grilling from Mr. Fieri? (Facepalm.)

Guy on Fire: 130 Recipes for Adventures in Outdoor Grilling by Guy Fieri, $6, Amazon

Uro Club

And for the grand finalé I give you: the Uro Club. A golf club you can urinate into. Thanks again, HuffPo, for not only finding this gem but also for reminding us that the Internet will take you to dark places if you let it.

Uro Club, $20, Uro Club