Amazing Fashion Moments On 'Laguna Beach'

Ah, Laguna Beach. The teen, "unscripted" drama that followed really attractive/mature-looking (but, really, that is NOT what I looked like in high school) teenagers around southern California and made us all ask ourselves, "Why the heck don't I live on a seaside, cliff mansion?!" I actually still ask myself that to this day, along with how I didn't notice the amazing clothes that Lo, LC (so many cool two letter nicknames, guys), and Kristin wore. I would name more characters, but if I'm being honest those were the only ones that mattered. Oh, and Steven. He caused some issues. Surfer boys with incredibly wealthy parents and a closet full of casual, beachy button-downs...never trust 'em. But I digress.

Even though it seems like decades ago that we watched the spoiled all-teen cast frolick around Laguna Beach in tank tops and low-cut jeans, the fashion moments are memories that should live on — if for no other reason than it's just a really good laugh. Plus, it's fun to associate the fashion and beauty empire which is now Lauren Conrad with her former questionable style choices. We all make mistakes, after all. Oh — and don't forget The Hills. The Laguna Beach spin-off was almost better than the original show, and had plenty more glorious fashion moments to reflect on.

So here are some of the best fashion moments from the reality show that we all made fun of, but secretly binge watched before binge-watching was even a thing.

1. Lauren's Headbands

The girl really, really liked a good hair accessory.

2. Lauren's Tears

The tears were usually more of a present accessory than the headbands, actually. Interning at Teen Vogue and having a lot of equally rich and attractive friends is hard, guys.

3. Kristin's Choker

Yes, this happened. This. Happened.

4. That Side-Braid Thingy

I always wished I was cool enough to pull this off, but then I realized that it took me like until early high school to learn how to even regularly braid my own hair so I should probably just let that dream go.

5. Beachy, "Natural" Highlights

You weren't fooling anyone, girls of Laguna. No amount of time spent in the sun can transform hair like that.

6. Ok, Let's Go Back To The Headbands.

There. Were. So. Many. Who knew that many headbands even EXISTED? What was she hiding under there? Was she growing out her bangs? Was it an endorsment deal? I don't understand.

7. Square Sunglasses

Ahhhh, trends. Laguna Beach and The Hills, I miss you so.

Images: MTV; Giphy