'Orange is the New Black' Has a 'Flappy Bird'-Inspired Game to Satisfy All Your Addictions

Did you miss the chance to download the Flappy Bird app before it was discontinued? Or did you beat the game so many times that you need a new challenge? Did you binge-watch season two of Orange is the New Black so hard that you're already out of new episodes to watch? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Netflix has heard your prayers before you even voiced them. Netflix developed an Orange is the New Black game inspired by Flappy Bird and Feisty Chicken is about to become your new summer addiction.

For those not in the know, in "The Chickening", the fifth episode of the first season of Orange is the New Black, our sometimes-heroine Piper Chapman is relaxing in the yard when she catches sight of a chicken. When Piper tells the other inmates, they all gasp and insist that she tells strict but maternal kitchen commander Red. As it turns out, this superchicken is legendary and Red has long desired to catch it, eat it, and "absorb its powers". When a rumor flies around Litchfield that the chicken either has a lot of drugs stashed in its stomach or has money stashed up its butt, suddenly everyone is in a life-or-death search for it.

Yeah, it's little moments like those that remind you that Orange is the New Black is also a comedy. Regardless, Feisty Chicken has a similar set up to Flappy Bird in that you play as the bird and launch it higher or lower in flight by clicking the mouse button or hitting the space bar. The chicken must avoid obstacles like barbed wire and Piper and Red waving their arms out to catch it in order to maintain its freedom.


We've got a long, long wait until season three comes out and I think we can all agree that there is no way we have the patience to spread out our Orange is the New Black viewing schedule to make the episodes last. Or maybe Netflix has just figured out that Orange is the New Black and Flappy Bird are two of the best ways to glue someone to a screen for hours and hours at a time. Either way, you're welcome.