From Plant to Floral Fashion Inspiration

Grace Ciao is a fashion illustrator from Singapore who takes flowers of all different kinds and turns them into art. And I don't mean beautiful still-life oil paintings based on the ever-growing garden decorations — I'm talking about dresses. Intricate sketches fill her website, and some of her most beautiful work is that which incorporates real flowers. From lilies to blue irises, Grace has perfected the art of turning everyday blooms into her form-fitting and naturally-flowing sketches.

One of the collections that Ciao has considered featuring on her blog is a bridal collection. She posted two bride-esque sketches, and asked for flower suggestions from her followers. I personally can't get over the grace and spunk in her sketch of a white dress with multicolored petal tiers. Like, can I actually walk down the aisle in this or...?

What's so special about Ciao's work is that she not only turns the flower into a dress, but she makes the dress reflect the natural grace of the flower. For instance, in her Lily of the Field dress, the ever so slight turn of the flower is reflected in the cut and flow of the dress sketch. Flowers aren't only good for health, beauty and decorative reasons, they're also the perfect dose of fashion inspiration.

Safe to say, Ciao has serious talent. I guess florals for spring can be groundbreaking.