Lupita Nyong'o Instagrams Hilarious Paparazzi Response Because She's Funnier Than You — PHOTO

Lupita Nyong'o seems to have it all. She's People's Most Beautiful Person. She won an Oscar for her first feature film role. She's insanely gorgeous. Is there anything this woman can't do? Well, in addition to the fact that Nyong'o will be writing and producing Americanah because she's just that multitalented, she's also got a sense of humor. She more than proved that when Nyong'o Instagramed a spoof paparazzi shot because that's just how she rolls, guys.

The original shot is one of her in her bikini, which was taken recently to great praise. Because, let's be real, Nyong'o was working that bikini and she was working it well. However, one thing to consider is that when you're relaxing on the beach, maybe the last thing you want is for someone to run up with a camera and take pictures of you. I know I've had several nightmares that started that way. (Okay, not really. But now I might.)

Instead of getting angry or throwing a fit, which would have been justified reactions, Nyong'o decided to go the humor route. She posted a picture of herself and the paparazzo who took the picture alongside each other with the caption "The paparazzi: They got me good!!! #FirstPapStakeout #ZoomLensesSuitableForHorrorFilms".

First of all, that zoom lens does look like something out of a horror film. Second of all, she even went to the trouble of adding comic book sound effects to the picture, just in case you weren't in love with her yet. On the long list of celebrities and their reactions to paparazzi — including Jonah Hill's recent homophobic slur — I'd say that Nyong'o should win another award just for this. She's already one of the women that we all wish that we could be, but proving that she stays grounded enough to maintain good humor even as she's one of the biggest names in the industry right now is truly amazing.

Plus, Lupita Nyong'o and the Horror Film Zoom Lens should totally be a live-action comic book that someone develops right now. Come on, Internet. Don't let me down.

Image: lupitanyongo/Instagram