She Should Remain an Individual

by Keertana Sastry

The premiere of AMC's newest drama Halt And Catch Fire introduced us to tech genius Cameron Howe, one of the coolest new female characters on television. From the first moment she appeared onscreen, she commanded the scenes and left Lee Pace's Joe in the middle of a back-room hookup after he insulted her. It seems like the show will continue to highlight the strength of this character — they've already shown her intelligence and business savvy when she was negotiating a deal to work with Joe and Gordon at Cardiff.

But the biggest worry I have about this show is the future of Joe and Cameron's relationship outside of the workplace. In the last few years, AMC has given audiences some fantastically complicated male characters in Breaking Bad's Walter White, Mad Men's Don Draper and Walking Dead's Rick Grimes. But what about the women? Even though Joe is the main character of Halt and Catch Fire, Cameron could really become the breakout fan favorite, especially among women. I just worry this potential will be destroyed if one of the show's main storylines centers around the sexual tension and potential romance between Joe and Cameron.

One of the problems that occurs when shows introduce strong female characters is that they get bogged down in a will-they-won't-they romance and other relationships with the men who carry the series. Let's hope Halt And Catch Fire avoid the traps of these other awesome female characters:

Remember Lisa Cuddy?

On Fox's House, Cuddy started out as the strong-willed Dean of Medicine who felt as though House was a constant thorn in her side when it came to following rules but a miracle worker when it came to their patients. She, along with House's best friend Dr. Wilson, was the only person who could really stand up to House and tell him when he was going crazy. In later seasons, she was reduced to a romantic partner for House and as one of the people who had to clean up all of his messes so he didn't have to, and because he couldn't. And what did she get for it? A car crashed through her house.

Let's Not Forget About Robin Scherbatsky

Remember how cool Robin was in the first few seasons of How I Met Your Mother? She could keep up with Barney in laser tag, she drank scotch, she made Ghostbusters references, she had five dogs, and she would stop at nothing to be a successful journalist. At the end of How I Met Your Mother she was difficult, complained about the men who loved her, got divorced without even fighting for her relationship, and was constantly involved in love triangles between Ted and Barney and she ended the show much worse off than when she started.

Save Cameron!

The writers of Halt and Catch Fire have a chance to do something really special with Cameron. They can continue to make her a women who chooses her own path, is smarter than most of the men with whom she associates and she can grow as an adult since she's still quite young. Showtime's Masters of Sex has done a great job with Lizzy Caplan's Virginia. That's a character to emulate for Cameron. But by putting her with Joe, this can all be ruined. So AMC, please let this strong woman keep her strength and individuality. Let's not let her become just another notch in Joe's belt.

Images: AMC (2); Tumblr/davidtennantblogger