Emma Haslam, Plus-Size Pole Dancer, Wows Simon Cowell and the World

Anyone who says pole dancing isn't a feat of athleticism has never tried it–and anyone who thinks it's only meant for skinny girls hasn't seen Emma Haslam. When the 27-year-old wife and mother of two went on Britain's Got Talent in May to showcase her pole dancing skills, the judges were skeptical at first, on account of the fact that Haslam is a size 18. But her talent and confidence won them over, even the notoriously picky Simon Cowell.

Haslam told the judges that she just wants people to see that she's good at what she does. And it's clear from her performance that she very much is. The judges and the crowd are definitely wow-ed.

Pole dancing is not easy. It involves plenty of gymnastics-like movements and require dancers to support their own body weight for lengthy periods of time. Needless to say, it really builds muscular strength and endurance. There's been recent talk of adding it as an official Olympic sport, and there are already pole fitness competitions.

For Emma Haslam, her performance has been getting her noticed, in the world of pole fitness and beyond. She may have been knocked out in the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent, but her body-confidence landed her a plus-sized modeling gig with Yours Clothing, which she says was a great experience. And her performance continues to show women everywhere they can be strong, athletic, confident, and sexy at any size.

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