The "Yes All Women" Wikipedia Page Faces An Editing Tug-Of-War

Apparently, the Wikipedia entry for #YesAllWomen is being edited by a bunch of people concerned with misandry, defined as the hatred of men. In short, whenever a contributor did not make clear that #YesAllWomen was a clear, vicious attack on men, someone edited it out or added to it.The back-and-forth Wiki battle seemingly tried to neuter the article, and reduce the intention of the #YesAllWomen Twitter movement.

As Jezebel's Kate Dries pointed out, the editing is essentially a quiet extension of the debate that sprung up just after the Isla Vista shootings. The editing details are fascinating, with many of the frequent contributors also contributing to entries on the Men's Right's Movement page, and the section on how misogyny and Elliot Rodgers' rampage.

But as the battle rages on, there is one good thing to come out of it: WikiProject Feminism, which attempts to improve entries related to women's rights, women's health, and the events and people that contributed to feminism as a whole. And if they have to deal with the same type of trolls seen on the #YesAllWomen page, it seems like a full-time job.

Even some of the most basic entries on feminism need attention, according the to the project page. "Spousal rape," "gender inequality," and "misogyny" are all in the "pages needing attention" section of the project page. Still, the project is doing good work on a diverse field of timely, relevant entries (2014 Badaun gang rape) and key facts to know about the movement (women in Islam). For something so often misinterpreted as feminism, this is a step in the right direction. You don't need to identify as a feminist to contribute, but there is a warning before getting started: "You may want to Google the definition of feminism, which advocates that women have equal rights with men."I think more people probably need to Google that.