7 Long-Distance Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day Even If You Can’t Be There IRL

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Is it just us, or does Father’s Day feel like a conspiracy? Between all this talk of cookouts and bonding over beer, we’re beginning to think that the whole world is out to remind us how far away we are from our goofy, lovable dads. But this year, because they’re always there for us — except when the NBA finals are on — we’re going to do our dads justice. We’ll celebrate the best ways we know how, even if we can’t do it in person. So pop open his drink of choice and get Skyping. Let’s make this the best Father’s Day yet.

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Let Him Know You Remembered

Whether your dad’s a booze-lover or a tech geek, we know you’re on top of your gift-giving game. And if you still haven’t found just the right thing, it’s not too late — you still have some last-minute options. Pick a gift and then mail it out first thing in the morning. Choose light speed shipping.

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Bake His Favorite Dessert

What’s better than dessert? Baking it yourself and making your whole apartment smell warm and cozy. Whip up a batch of your dad’s favorite treats — and while you’re at it, send half of them home, stat. Even if it doesn’t reach him in time, he’ll know you were thinking about him on Father’s Day. Thanks, My Name Is Yeh!

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Give Him the Day Off

Your dad deserves a break. Book him a tee time at his favorite golf course and tell him you’ll check back in a couple of hours. He’ll thank you later.

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Catch a Movie Together

Living away from home doesn’t mean you can’t have father-daughter nights. Treat him to a movie ticket and catch the same flick, long-distance. Then…

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Share a Cold One

…toss back a few beers together. Grab his favorite brew — or make a cocktail of your own — and set up a Skype date. Thanks, A Better Happier St. Sebastian!

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Give Him a Gift That Keeps on Giving

So you can’t be home every day — but you can sign your dad up for a monthly Birchbox subscription. He’ll get a set of lifestyle products, custom selected just for him — plus a monthly reminder of how much you care.

The Men’s Box, $20/mo, Birchbox

Plan Your Next Getaway

When all’s said and done, plan a trip home. Or, better yet, your next vacation together — so you can catch up on all that father-daughter bonding time.

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