Live 'Hedwig' Performance at Tonys Was Fabulous

It's one of the hottest musicals of the year, and the first post-How I Met Your Mother step for a beloved actor: Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a big deal for Neil Patrick Harris and Sunday at the 2014 Tony Awards, he reminded us why he's such a superstar. His performance as part of the cast of Hedwig at Sunday's Tony Awards was stellar.

Hedwig finds Harris playing the show's title character, a transsexual East German singer. (He's nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a musical for his role.) This rock musical certainly rocks, that much was apparent in the cast's performance of "Sugar Daddy." Hedwig was written by John Cameron Mitchell (who starred in the film adaptation and can also be seen in old episodes of Girls) with music and lyrics by Stephen Trask. Trask took musical inspiration from the likes of Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, John Lennon, and David Bowie, and the aesthetics of the performance were certainly in line with that.

The Broadway rendition of "Sugar Daddy" featured a lap dance — or was it a face dance? — for the likes of Orlando Bloom; Harris also played with Samuel L. Jackson's glasses and sat on Sting. The number also saw Harris making out with real-life love David Burtka.

Overall, it was a fantastic performance, and a great way to bring the gospel of Hedwig to the masses. Harris has still got it, folks.

Witness the glory for yourself: