Sutton Leads 'Violet' Cast To Great Performance

As a six-time nominee and two-time winner, Sutton Foster is no stranger to the Tonys. Which is why it's no surprise that she absolutely nailed her performance Sunday night at the Tonys as part of the cast of the nominated musical Violet.

Gilmore Girls creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino — who got to know Foster through the cancelled Bunheads — are producers on Violet, and Sherman-Palladino recently described the show to Vulture as a whirlwind:

Even if you're not necessarily someone who likes musicals because suddenly plants stand up and start dancing around and singing and that's just weird, this is a musical that is so rooted in emotion and real struggles and the need for love and acceptance and not feeling like you fit in anywhere. You are going to experience a whirlwind of the most rollicking music and laughing and emotion, and then you're having cocktails in an hour and a half [because there is no intermission], which is perfect.

Sunday's Tony performance, meanwhile, showcased the cast, with Foster's lead, taking on the song "On My Way," about the beginnings of main character Violet's journey. It transformed from an earnest ballad into an ensemble gospel piece. It felt like a whirlwind, that was for sure, and I loved every second.