'Girls' Season 38 with Laraine Newman: Is Hanna More Likeable With Wrinkles?

If you haven't seen this yet:

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Girls just got a whole lot cooler. Not only is older Hannah's face less annoying than Lena Dunham's (I accept that I might be the only one to be annoyed by her face, whatever), the girls cast as fiftysomethings somehow makes a lot more sense. As twentysomethings they're self-obsessed, annoying, and sometimes alienating — as baby-boomers, they're kind of endearing.What annoys us to death about Shoshannah is kinda cute on an older lady — besides, how could we hate anything Mindy Sterling does? She was Frau Farbissina, and no one says shit about Frau. The only thing I was left wondering at the end of this clip from former Saturday Night Live genius Laraine Newman was: Where can I get my hands on some street lobster?

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