Lena Hall's Tony Awards Acceptance Speech for 'Hedwig' Had Amazing My Little Pony Shout-Out — VIDEO

Being in a show like Hedwig And The Angry Inch with Neil Patrick Harris would be award enough for most people but now Lena Hall also gets to add a shiny Tony Award to add to her collection of memories from the show. Lena Hall won Best Featured Actress in a Musical.

Lena plays Yitzhak in the hit Broadway show, a member of Hedwig's band. The actress beat out some extremely impressive actresses including Broadway and Hollywood star Adriane Lenox from the musical After Midnight. For those who don't know Lenox, she played Jack Donaghy's daughter's nanny Sherry in 30 Rock. Remember this hilarious scene?

When Lena's name was called, there was no one more surprised by the announcement than her. Cheering her on was NPH himself and the rest of the cast. She jumped up onstage, almost had a wardrobe malfunction and adorably rushed through a speech thanking her cast and giving the obligatory shout-out to Tony voters.

But the best part of her speech? The last line. "Friendship is magic!" Anyone recognize that quote? Yup, that's right. It's from My Little Pony. With that one little, three-word sentence, Lena's speech became the one to beat. And it's going to be a tough one to top.

Lena also got another honor along with her Tony: Blair Waldorf and President Fitzgerald Grant, sorry, Leighton Meester and Tony Goldwyn presented her with the award. If I were her, I would ask Leighton to borrow some clothes and see if Tony would sneak me into the White House after hours.

Congrats, Lena!

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