Bryan Cranston's Tony Awards Acceptance Speech for Best Actor Is Hilarious, Yet Moving — VIDEO

No shock here, whatsoever. Bryan Cranston took home the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play. Cranston plays President Lyndon B. Johnson in the play All The Way and was the obvious frontrunner for the award. Literally everyone thought he would win. Everyone. But as usual, Cranston got up onstage and gave a wonderful speech that was equal parts sweet and funny, proving that he not only deserves the praise he receives, but he's gracious about it, as well. The actor not only thanked the cast and creators of his show but also gave us a funny story about his first experience with a Broadway show.

And as we all probably know, this likely will be the first of many awards Cranston receives this year as the final season of Breaking Bad will most definitely provide him with another round of Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

Check out Cranston's speech below, it's great. My only regret: That Cranston's bestie Aaron Paul wasn't around to give the actor a gigantic hug and a huge round of applause when the award announcement was made. And my only question: Do you think Walter White ever watched the Tonys?

A well-deserved congrats Bryan! The only question that remains is, will he put his Tony next to all of his Emmys and Golden Globes, or start a new awards mantle?