Miss California Cassandra Kunze Wins Miss USA 2014 Miss Photogenic Award — 11 Instagrams That Prove She's Been Practicing

Did you know that Miss Photogenic is a Miss USA award? If you didn't, like me, now you do. Miss California, Cassandra Kunze won the Miss Photogenic Award at the 2014 Miss USA pageant. And, well, I can't say I'm surprised — Kunze, who made it into the Top 10 but not into the Top 6 contestants, has been practicing for a long time. At least she's not going home empty-handed. So, what does it take to be named Miss Photogenic while being surrounded by pageant queens, one more beautiful than the next? Miss California knows the secret.

Just ahead of the traditional swimsuit competition and following a montage of the contestants' pre-show bikini photo shoot, Miss Photogenic was announced. And, as if to make up for focusing so intently on outer-beauty (while showing them posing with piles of Mardi Gras beads), Miss Congeniality (yes that award is real and Sandra Bullock didn't just make it up) was announced immediately after. Fittingly, Miss Rhode Island won.

Miss Photogenic is exactly what you think it is: an award for the girl who looks the best in photos. Great message, Miss USA. Still, I can't deny that Miss California actually does look great. In every damn photo on her Instagram account, she proves that she's been practicing for this award — so at least she's earned it?

The #IWokeUpLikeThis Selfie

The Miss Cali Selfie

Her Official Body-Shot

This Picstitch Of Her Angles (There are no bad ones)

Not Even This Crown Can Steal Her Spotlight

These Diva Selfies





She Poses While Eating

This Model Shot

See, now you're not surprised that she won either. And well, we can't even say she doesn't deserve it because she's obviously practiced.

Images: CassandraKunze/Instagram (12)