Who Are The Giants Hanging Out With Ygritte?

Get ready for this name: Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg. Now try and say that five times fast. Oh wait, you can't — because it's way too long of a freakin' name. Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg, or Mag the Mighty for short, is the leader of the giants, and man, oh, man, you do not want to get in a fight with them. They're some seriously ferocious beasts and they're looking for blood. And the worst part is that in tonight's episode, they were out to get our beloved Jon Snow and the rest of the motley crew that makes up the Night's Watch. How dare they!

Apparently the giants are Team Ygritte (who's not-so-secretly Team Jon Snow even though she won't admit it) because they (and their massive mammoth) matched up with Ygritte and the rest of the Wildlings to flood the gates of Castle Black. And, of course, they were incredibly useful in the fight because their size and muscles were able to help them storm their way through the tunnel leading to Castle Black (which, if we all remember, Snow wisely suggested that they block). Lesson learned: Always listen to Jon Snow.

The scene where the giants finally get through the tunnel was actually pretty hysterical. The giant's mammoth got ridiculously scared of an explosion and ran off, and then the giant ran off after the mammoth to chase it down. Then the giant that was left behind was so emotionally upset/angry that he lifted the iron gate all by himself. But too bad for him, the six members of the Night's Watch started chanting their oath, which gave them the courage and power to fight off the Giant.

And even though these ginormous beings should logically be able to whoop some Night's Watch ass, the boys/men of the Watch were able to successfully win the battle. (I guess we'll just have to chock that up to a massive amount of luck and adrenaline because it pretty much doesn't make sense how the Night's Watch — you know, the group of men who have soldiers like meak-but-wonderful Sam — were able to beat the Wildlings and the giants.) Unfortunately, the sad news of all of this is that Ygritte definitely got hit with an arrow and bled out in Jon Snow's arms. (Ugh, she was the best.) BUT, the good news is that Sam is alive and well, which means that he and Gilly can still be together forever. Success.

Images: HBO; kmpunksays/Wordpress