Twitter Misunderstood #SaveTheQueen & We Don't Blame Them

In the latest live event social media ploy, for the first time ever, the Miss USA pageant decided to enlist the Twitter masses to help decide part of the outcome of the competition. During the evening wear portion of the night, #savethequeen appeared on screen next to the names of the contestants, prompting viewers to tweet the name of the state of the contestant they want to make it to the Top 6 finalists. The lady with the most votes by the end of that segment would be "saved" by the audience and earn the sixth spot in the group of finalists. That lucky lady ended up being Miss Iowa Carlyn Bradarich.

Did this social media campaign sound a little overly dramatic to anyone else? When I first looked at it, I thought something very, very bad was going to happen to all of the eliminated queens, like making them watch a screening of Miss USA judge Ian Ziering in Sharknado 2, while the one contestant who earned the most #savethequeen tweets would be spared from the torture.

Well, it looks like most Twitter users played by the rules and tweeted their little hearts out to vote for the contestant they really, really wanted to be in the Top 6. But then again, Twitter is such a random and strange place that when you ask people to do anything on the social network, you never know what you're going to get back. There are always those who just don't seem to know what's up or intentionally opt to do something completely different.

Some people acted like they were confused about who competes in the Miss USA pageant.

Others tweeted for contestants who were in the Miss USA competition, but they didn't make it into the Top 10. Better luck next year, guys.

One guy apparently wanted to disobey someone and get together with Miss Maryland.

Another used this opportunity to file a complaint about the competition.

And some unfortunately still don't know how to spell state names. Yikes.

But even if she didn't take home the crown and much of Twitter didn't understand her hashtag victory, winning over the portion of Twitter that did understand was definitely a major feat for Bradarich. It's not easy to warm the hearts of the Twitterverse. Good job, girl.

Image: realmissiowausa2014/Twitter