Why Are LL Cool J & T.I. At The Tony Awards?!

What just happened? The Tony Awards just tried and failed to draw in a younger, more diverse audience to their telecast by having Hugh Jackman rap the lyrics to the classic Broadway musical The Music Man. And he wasn't alone. Rappers T.I. and LL Cool J joined him on the Tonys stage and made things... super awkward.

Hugh began the number by trying to perform all eight parts in the song "Rock Island" but stopped after just a few seconds and then told the audience he wanted to "bring the musical into the 21st century." And what better way to do that than with T.I. and LL Cool J? Lest you forget, LL is the guy who rapped a song with Brad Paisley called "Accidental Racist." Good thinking, CBS.

Is it stated in LL Cool J's contract that he has to appear in every single CBS award show telecast? Or does he just think that he's so brilliant as the host of the Grammys and on NCIS: Los Angeles that he should just pop up everywhere he could potentially pop up?

Whatever the reason, LL was there and brought his friend T.I. The performance was short, thank goodness, but it was long enough to really confuse everyone watching at home and in the audience. Check it out here and let me know if you guys think this has effectively ruined The Music Man and rap for generations to come.