15 Sunny Decorations To Help Cheer You Up Now That Summer Is Basically Over

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Maintaining a sunny, cheerful disposition all the time can be hard, and now that summer has just about reached its end and there’s nothing but shorter, darker days in our future, the struggle is especially real. An easy way to stay positive throughout the gloom (besides those daily affirmations) is to make sure you have a little warm light and color in your life, no matter what’s happening outside. Seriously, never underestimate the power of a little bright yellow sprinkled through your home to work as the ultimate pick-me-up (just look at these bookshelves and try to tell me you aren't happier).

I’ve gathered 15 cheery (yet subtle) home decor goodies to keep you smiling through any storm. They may not be quite the same as spending a gorgeous summer afternoon lapping up the sunshine on the beach, but for the time being, they ought to do the trick.

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