Bad News for J. Lo Fans

Regardless of how you feel about Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull's "We Are One", aka the official song of the 2014 World Cup, you're probably not going to turn down the chance for a free concert. Well, at the very least, for a concert that comes free with your ticket to the World Cup. However, those eager to see Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull perform during the opening ceremony are going to be half disappointed. Lopez will not be attending the World Cup opening ceremonies this year and that's a bummer for pretty much everyone.

Pitbull will still be performing, but by his side will be Brazillian singer Claudia Leitte instead. It's a somewhat fair trade for Brazilian nationals at least. If they can't enjoy a J. Lo concert than at least their culture is receiving added visibility in the form of a singer from their own country. However, the reasoning behind Lopez's cancellation is kind of unclear. According to FIFA officials, it's a "production issue", which is just about the most vague excuse you can use.

Lopez's representatives also don't feel to be any more specific than the fact that Lopez will not be in attendance, which feels a little unfair considering all the people who might have been looking forward to seeing her. Unlike Pitbull, J. Lo has an album coming out soon and the buzz surrounding her is just a little higher than any Pitbull alone is generating at the moment.

Then again, considering production issues could be anything from a budget issue to a convenient cover for Lopez to nurse her broken heart following Lopez's recent split from Casper Smart, maybe it's for the best that we don't know the specifics. More than anything else, celebrities are starved for privacy and contrary to popular belief they don't actually owe us anything. At least we're finding this out now rather than after we show up at the concert.