Kenny Powers Drafted to the Yankees?

Don't call it a comeback — call it a doppleganger. Even though HBO's Eastbound and Down is officially, OFFICIALLY over (unless a movie is coming about the adventures of Kenny Powers, family man?), the Yankees just drafted a Kenny Powers lookalike, and not being a sports fan myself (that's an understatement), I wonder if the whole thing was for viral purposes only. Sean Carley, who apparently is an unknown pitcher (and definitely unknown to me, because seriously, sport?), was just drafted as a 14th-round pick to the Yankees.

But the important thing is HE LOOKS JUST LIKE KENNY POWERS, played by the ever illustrious, ever mulleted Danny McBride. And Carley knows that his Powers-esque facial hair is gonna get him noticed: He's been tweeting and retweeting side-by-side photos of himself and Powers, and the resemblance really is uncanny.

Unfortunately for Carley, the Yankees have a pretty strict "grooming policy" that's gonna make him get rid of his Eastbound and Down goatee, but that doesn't mean Carley can't, for the moment, bask in the glory of being a real-life Kenny Powers. Oh, and you know, being drafted to the Yankees, which even I know is a big effin' deal.

Images: Sean Carley/Twitter; Fred Norris/HBO