In Other News: July 29, 2013

Another day, another revelation about Anthony Weiner. The politician reportedly spent $43,000 on a private investigator to find out who "hacked" his Twitter account. Only 44 days of this left...

Speaking of Weiner, does anyone actually think Huma's with him because of Islam? Oh, yeah, these people all do.

The title alone makes this article worth reading: "When Journalism Becomes A Game Of Drones." No, but seriously. In five years, there will be more than 7,500 drones flying around U.S. soil; by 2030, there will be 30,000. Can journalism utilize them?

Speaking of, for the last six years, a broadcast plane has been buzzing around Cuba, trying to send American propaganda into Cuban broadcasting. Because Cuba got wise to this some time ago, only one percent of the island has ever been able to see it the plane. Total cost to the U.S. so far for the plane? $24 million.

Mitt Romney doesn't really know how to admit defeat, does he? He's still going on (and on, and on) about his "47 percent" comments, even though we stopped listening when he lost the presidency AGES AND AGES AGO.

Firefighters in London are reporting a massive rise in rescuing people's limbs from inanimate objects. Because they're handcuffing themselves to them. Because of 50 Shades. That's according to the London Fire Brigade, who are probably not pleased that sex accidents are taking precedent over, say, fires.

Bars all over the U.S. are boycotting Russian vodka, because of the country's brutal and stringent anti-gay laws and mentality. Canada's joining the U.S. in protest, and other vodka brands are proudly announcing that they are, in fact, "pro-gay" vodka.

A high-ranking Apple executive has been suddenly removed from his position... but will continue working for Apple, on a (we quote) "special project," reporting only to CEO Tim Cook. Rumors are flying that the exec, Bob Mansfield, will be locked away working on the iWatch.

Speaking of luring us in, here's a psychedelic video of ink merging with soap and oil, which is much cooler than it sounds.

One professional pulled a life-hack when he outsourced all of his work to China. How-to guides are popping up all over the place, but will all this hacking really help us? Not to mention, um, ethics.

Meet this four-year-old genius from New Orleans, who learned the alphabet at four months old, and mastered numbers when she was a year and half. In Spanish.

And finally, ever wondered what might happen if you let your sweet, naïve boyfriend do your makeup for you? Well, this girl took a deep breath and let it happen: