We Know Who She's Dating Thanks to Instagram

You know what they say: They who hammock together are in love... together. Or something like that. I don't think I have the phrase quite right. Anyway, it appears that Katy Perry and Diplo are dating because they posted evidence of laying in the same hammock on Instagram. If Perry and Diplo were trying to keep this thing a secret, Instagram really screwed them over. Posting photos is really addictive so it's no surprise that Perry and Diplo would both decide to take a picture of their time relaxing in the sun, they just really needed to pay attention to the fact that the hammock's pattern in a dead giveaway.

Perry is currently on vacation in Jamaica while on break from her Prismatic World Tour. She's posted a couple photos of her time there and captioned one showing her relaxing on a hammock, "Swaying on the hammock under mango trees, fresh freckles on my face, everything irie." Similarly, Diplo posted a photo of his feet up in a hammock with the caption, "Zzz." This photo has since been deleted (adding to the suspicion!), but in a screenshot of the photo, you can clearly see that his hammock has the same pattern as Perry's. Also, Diplo has confirmed that he is in Jamaica by posting a photo of a Jamaican newspaper. Caught ya, suckah!

It could be that Diplo and Perry are just staying in the same country and at the same hotel (or resort or wherever it is these people stay), but since rumors have already come out that they're dating, that's pretty unlikely. In April, the maybe-couple were seen hanging out at Coachella and the story began. In the time since, Diplo and Perry were reported to have split up, but who knows if there was ever any truth to that. Everything was based on rumors before, but now we have cold, hard facts in the form of a couple of very telling Instagrams.

You can view Diplo's deleted photo here and here's Perry chillin' on the hammock in question:

Someone's looking suspiciously peaceful.

Image: Katy Perry/Instagram