Mark Ruffalo's Impressive Old Talent

Ah, the glory of celebrities on talk shows. Any and every party trick that's ever existed in the recesses of the celebrity brain seems to come bubbling to the surface. We should all be grateful for this blatant mining for entertainment, for it brings us many glories. Like Mark Ruffalo riding a unicycle on The Graham Norton Show. If you ever wanted to know what the Hulk would like in the circus, pretty much all you've gotta do is watch this video and imagine some extra CGI. Ruffalo, who apparently perfected unicycle-riding when he was 12, is coaxed into reprising his abilities by Norton. And he does! And then he does it again, on an even bigger unicycle!

The second unicycle is actually pretty anxiety-inducing, being practically as tall as Norton himself. Considering there are no helmets in sight (gotta keep those celebrity 'dos away from hat hair) and considering Ruffalo brushes aside Norton's suggestion for a crash pad, we're lucky this didn't end with an injured Ruffalo and a delayed Age Of Ultron schedule. Michael Sheen, who was also present for these displays, looked pretty worried and you can tell Norton got a little anxious himself for a second there. Ruffalo, though, seemed pretty intent on proving he could still do this: He yelled "UNHAND ME!" when he felt they were babying him too much.

Watch for yourself below:

Image: BBC