How to Make Your Own Alcoholic Popsicles

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It's summer. It's hot, sticky, and you need to cool off. Ice melts in your drink almost faster than you can take your first sip, and soon enough you're stuck with some watered-down cocktail concoction that has quickly warmed to room temperature. Sound appealing? Nope. The quick solution? Boozy ice pops, of course.

First, you'll need a mold in which to make your frozen cocktails, or poptails. Tovolo Frozen Ice Pop Molds ($12.99, Amazon) work perfectly, and the funky colors look good with whatever creation you're putting on the reusable stick.

While a recipe is certainly helpful in ensuring that your poptail tastes good, a simple ratio will make sure your alcohol freezes successfully. Those of you who store tequila bottles in the freezer understand that a pure liquor pop won't freeze. People's Pops, a New York-based ice pop maker, recommends creating a boozy ice pop with about 20 percent alcohol for the best consistency and flavor. For those of you math experts, that's 1/5. With one shot of booze and four shots of mixers, fruits, etc., you can create your own fun, cocktail-inspired flavors.

For a fruity treat, check out this recipe by Pavan Liqueur de France. A muscat-based liqueur infused with orange blossoms gives your poptail a playful yet sophisticated touch of boozy sweetness.

Pavan Popsicle Recipe

Ingredients:1 part Pavan Liqueur de France5 basil leaves 1 whole kiwi (no skin)¾ parts lemon juice1 part honey Method: Add all ingredients into a blender. Blend for 15-20 seconds. Pour into popsicle molds. Add fresh chunks of kiwi into the molds (optional). Freeze and enjoy!

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