Domino's 'Steady Pizza' Delivery System Looks Like It'll Break Deliverers' Backs

If, sometime in the near future, you happen to see a motorcyclist trudging around town with an unwieldy, cumbersome, glowing plastic box strapped to their back, just know that it’s being done in the name of pizza. Domino’s has unveiled the “steady pizza” delivery system, wherein pies are transported to their recipients in a special device that rotates and swivels with the movement of the vehicle, the objective being to minimize damage and disruption to the pizza’s structural integrity. It’s a great thing for pizza eaters, and also, a compelling reason not to take up a job delivering pizzas, because that thing is huge.

The box contains a platform onto which the pizza is placed, and that platform rotates on both its X- and Y-axis whenever the box itself is tilted. That way, the pizza is always upright, abrupt turns don’t send cheese flying into the side of the box, and the pizza is in great shape by the time it’s delivered.

Domino’s has released a promo video for the new device, and while it could certainly revolutionize ( maybe a strong word) pizza delivery, we can’t help but feel for the poor Domino’s employees who have to schlep this thing around on their backs.


Godspeed, Domino’s delivery folk. We asked the company how much the device weighs, but they haven’t yet replied. It’s unclear when or where the device is being rolled out.