Love Is In The Air On 'Little Women: LA'

by Laura Rosenfeld

He finally did it, folks. After it seemed like it was taking him forever-ever to put a ring on it, Todd & Christy of Little Women: LA became engaged on a hill overlooking Los Angeles and a sunset providing the backdrop during last Tuesday's episode. At first, it actually didn't feel like Todd was taking too long to pop the question, but with Christy practically begging him to propose to her, we were glad it was finally over and done with by the second episode of the season so that she would hopefully get to talking about something else. But are they still an item?

It was a little touch and go there for a while. At the beginning of last week's episode, Christy took her girls instead of her guy to accompany her to pick out an engagement ring. When she told Todd about this, he wasn't exactly thrilled that she seemed to be moving to the next step and without his input, to top it all off. When it looked like he was going to first propose in the episode, sneaky, sneaky Todd instead asked another question: Could his parents could visit the couple in L.A.? But then at last, Christy got her engagement ring, and all was right with the world. Even the Twitterverse was happy for the couple, and you know how hard it is to please the tweeps.

Even though Christy and Todd have made it official, we all know that reality TV has ways of splitting couples a part. We have seen Christy and Todd caught up in some not-so-lovey-dovey arguments this season and we're only on Episode 3. After the cameras stopped rolling, did the two decide to go ahead with the wedding or have they called it quits?

Well, Christy and Todd fans, you're in luck, because the couple seem to be very much together these days, although they have not yet married. And just by looking at their social media accounts, you can feel the love, like in this photo below posted on Christy's Instagram on June 8.

They were able to put Todd's previous courting of Christy's Little Women: LA cast member Briana behind them and take a photo together, like adults.

It looks like Christy's teenaged children from her first marriage, Trenton and Autumn, have accepted Todd as a member of the family.

Todd even took Christy to get potato balls (whatever that means) after she had ear surgery. If that's not love, we don't know what is.

Sometimes, they're a little too open with expressing their love for one another.

All in all, Little Women: LA actually seems to have brought Christy and Todd closer together as a couple.

There's no telling when Christy and Todd will get married, but if Christy's excitement over getting engaged and turning it into a competition with her frenemy Traci are any indication, it wouldn't be surprising if we got to see them tie the knot on TV, if not this season, then the next if the series gets renewed. Let's just hope these two love birds can keep it together until then.

Image: Lifetime; lilchristyrocks/Instagram