H&M Is Getting E-Commerce: Well, It's About Time

Here's some great news for your closet and terrible news for your bank account. Bloomberg reports Swedish retailer H&M (you know, that mecca you head to whenever you're in need to stylish, affordable items) is finally going to offer online shopping for the U.S. of A.

If you're having a deja vu moment, don't feel crazy. H&M has announced their U.S. e-commerce store twice before… only to postpone it and let down millions of Americans looking for cheap statement necklaces. But now the retailer is promising to open its online doors in August, or, as some like to refer to it, in two days.

It certainly seems strange that H&M has waited so long to launch an e-commerce site. Did they just learn about the Internet? Are they still using Internet Explorer? Is Bing their search engine of choice? Why would such a huge company wait so long to go digital? The company has "blamed the delays not the complexity and size of the U.S. market," which is the kind of excuse that could really mean just about anything.

Perhaps, though, the wait will be well worth it. H&M is a large and innovative enough company that they might just be able to bring something completely new to the e-commerce game. We'll be waiting.